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BLS International Services Russia Inc. is the legal identity of BLS International Services Ltd. in Russia. The parent Company "BLS International Services Ltd." is headquartered in Moscow, Russia and is a specialist service provider of Outsourcing for Visa, Passport, Consular, Attestation and Apostille Services to the Diplomatic Missions across the world.

BLS International is a trusted partner with the Diplomatic Missions for administrative and non-judgmental tasks of outsourcing of Visas, Passports and Attestation Applications in Russia as well as abroad. It serves the Diplomatic Missions in 22 countries through its 101 offices, along with a few more on the anvil, and has proven abilities of offering outsourcing of Visa, Passport, Consular Services and Value-Added Services for the benefit of its clients. BLS International processes in excess of 14.3 million applications annually.