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Apply for Portugal Visa in Russia Portugal


Dear applicants, please pay attention that starting the 14 September 2015 all applicants over 12 must enroll the biometrics. In the VAF you should provide a concrete info in the point 27 (date of a previous bio enrollment and country).

Please note that biometrics process consists of collecting fingerprints and a live photo. In case of fingers/hands absence applicants must take a live photo anyway.

Applicants with minor injuries on hands/fingers should wait to apply and enroll the bio till the wounds will heal in case they have enough time before travel.

As per the rule all applicants should enroll the bio once in 5 years. VIS is a common program and all Schengen countries can use the bio data contained there.

Requirements to the set of documents are not changed with the bio project introduction.

However all applicants must enroll the bio there some exemptions:

  • Children under 12
  • Applicants who has already enrolled the bio after the 14 September 2015.

Both mentioned categories of exemptions may not to be present personally in the Visa centre for submission.

In case applicants enrolled the bio after the 14 September 2015 and got a refusal they are not obliged to enroll the bio ones again.

Those applicants who have VIS mark on visas in annulated\old passports should enroll the bio once again.

Additional/Re-enrollment of biometrics

By a special order of the Consulate of Portugal, the applicant may be invited to additional / re-enrollment of biometrics. In this case, applicants must not submit documents (unless these actions are individually agreed with the Consulate) and pay fees.