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At the Visa Application Centre, you can use the following additional services:


1 PHOTOCOPY At the Visa Application Centre, you can make a photocopy of the original documents. 50 RUB / per page All cities
2 PRINTING (black and white) If you forget to bring your hotel reservation, tickets or other documents to apply for a visa, we will be able to print your documents at the Visa Application Centre 50 RUB / per page All cities
3 COURIER DELIVERY This service allows applicants to receive a passport at any convenient address and exempts them from having to visit the Visa application center again to collect a passport. Please send a request to (delivery is carried out from Moscow). Tariff is charged according to courier zone Moscow
4 PASSPORT COLLECTION "FLEXIBLE HOURS" This service allows you to collect your passport conveniently beyond the regular delivery time (from 10:30 to 15:00). 600 RUB / per 1 passport Moscow
5 PASSPORT COLLECTION IN MOSCOW VISA CENTER The service is for those who have submitted documents in any of our regional offices and want to get a passport in the Moscow office. Please send your request to 600 rub. for 1 passport Moscow
6 PRIME TIME SUBMISSION (subject to availability!) If you missed the opportunity to make an appointment during the usual submission hours or could not come to your appointed time, you can use this service. Please send your request to 1500 RUB / per person Moscow
7 APPEAL In case of refusal, you can file an appeal through the Visa Application Centre. For more information, please send a request to on request Moscow
8 FORM FILLING Use the service of filling out a visa application form by a specialist of the visa center. Please note that this service is available in case of personal submission of documents, because the applicant must personally sign the form of the completed application. 400 RUB Moscow
9 SMS SMS notification informs the applicant about the status of consideration of the visa application. 150 RUB Moscow
10 PHOTO At the Visa Application center, you can make photos according to the requirements of the Consulate 450 RUB Moscow