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Additional Services

Dear applicants please pay attention that the services mentioned below are optional and can be ordered in any Visa centre in Russia.

Form filling (400 RUB)

Applicants who have issues with filling their application forms can ask for an additional form filling service. Any free officer/consultant will fill the form for you. The price to fill 1 application form is 400 RUB. Please pay attention that applicants must sign application forms personally in point number 37 and at the end of the application form.

SMS (150 RUB)

Applicants can order sms. Once you passport will come back to the Visa centre you’ll get a sms. All information you can get from the officer at the submission counter.

Courier Service

To facilitate applicants, Portugal Visa Application Centre has contracted with DHL to return your passport/documents through courier. This remains an optional service. Please speak to the Submission Officer at the Visa Application Centre for more details.

Courier after Submission

You can still opt for the courier service to receive your passport in the address that you provide. To request this service please call: +74996091242.

Photocopy (15 RUB per page)

Applicants can avail the photocopy service at the Portugal visa application Centre.


Due to the stringent requirements around the Photo required for your application, we recommend you utilize the photo services available inside the Visa Application Center. This will provide you assurance that your application is submitted with the photograph that meets the specifications and will be acceptable to the Embassy. You will have ready photographs in 45 seconds.


The cost of the service is 360 RUB for 6 photographs.

How to book:

This service can be booked at the visa application centre upon your arrival.

Medical Insurance

You can get insurance in the Visa Centre that is one of the necessary documents for submission.

This remains an optional service. Please speak to the Submission Officer at the Visa Application Centre for more details.

You can also buy insurance online.

Premium Lounge Service in the Visa Application Centre in Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Kaliningrad

The Premium Lounge service is available for those customers who would like to experience a dedicated service. This service provides the following amenities (that are included in the additional fee of 70* euros per applicant ). Besides a family of 4 people can opt for a Family tariff, the cost of this tariff is 150 euros.

The Premium lounge includes:

  • A separate Premium Lounge
  • Stylish surroundings with complimentary refreshments
  • Option to pay fee by credit card

Working hours are from 09:00 to 16:00. If you want to make an appointment to Moscow VIP lounge please call +74996091242. Please be ready to provide your name and surname, contact number, desired date of submission and specifying that the application to be submitted is for a visa to Portugal.

*All fees mentioned in euros are paid in rubles as per the exchange rate provided by the Consulate of Portugal. Fees for this service in Regional VACs may differ.

Important Note: Using the Premium Lounge service will not influence the visa processing time, visa issuance or the duration of the visa.

Note: All charges must be paid at the time of submission except courier after submission.