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Flights from Russia to Madeira, Portugal – Schengen Visa Applicants

As of February 20, Ural Airlines will start operating weekly flights to the Madeira archipelago, on the Moscow-Funchal route.

Starting from February 7th, travelers bound for Madeira on this flight or other direct flights from Russia, for tourism or leisure purposes, can apply for a corresponding Schengen visa at the Portuguese BLS Visa Centers in Russia (, by submitting all required documentation, including proof of round-trip ticket and a lodging (hotel reservation) for the entire period of stay. Visa applications can also be submitted through a Russian Tour Operator duly accredited for the purpose by the Portuguese Embassy in Moscow. Travelers should inform themselves about the specific Covid-19 related conditions of entry and stay in Madeira, as well as those currently in place for mainland Portugal as they might differ. For more information, please check the website for the Tourism Board of Portugal:

Entry requirements for Madeira archipelago

1. Epidemiological Survey

All passengers must fill an epidemiological survey provided by the Regional Health Authority by accessing the digital platform
The survey can be filled out individually by each passenger within 48 hours prior to arrival in Madeira. The test result, or another document that certifies the passenger's situation in terms of Covid-19, can be submitted in advance on the platform.

2. Thermal Screening

All passengers disembarking at airports in the Madeira archipelago are subject to thermal screening.

3. Vaccination || Fully recovered COVID 19 patients

All passengers disembarking at Madeira airports from any foreign territory, except for travelers with a Covid Digital Certificate from the European Union, must present the following:

  • Present proof of carrying out a TRAg test (or PCR) to screen for SARS-CoV-2 infection, with a negative result, carried out within a maximum period of 48 hours prior to departure.

  • Passengers are exempt from submitting a TRAg (rapid antigen) test or from being submitted to one upon arrival at Madeira airports, in the following cases:
  • Passengers with a medical document certifying that they have recovered from Covid-19 issued within the last 90 days;
  • Passengers with a document certifying that they have been vaccinated against Covid-19, with vaccines from the laboratories of Astrazeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson/Janssen, Sinovac/Instituto Buntantan, Instituto Gambaleya (Sputnik V) and Sinopharm (VeroCell ), according to the recommended plan of each vaccine and in compliance with the period of activation of the immune system (14 days);
  • Passengers with a medical document certifying that they were vaccinated with only one dose (in two-dose vaccination schemes), in observance of the period of activation of the immune system provided for in the SmPC (14 days), in the case of patients recovered from SARS-CoV-2 infection, (after 90 days from the recovery date) or diagnosed with the infection after taking the first dose of the vaccine;
  • Passengers with a Covid Digital Certificate from the European Union, under the terms of the existing Portuguese legislation.

4. Positive Test

In the event the passenger tests positive for Covid-19 at any time during its stay in Madeira, he/she must comply with 10 day mandatory confinement period, if necessary compulsively, in a health establishment or at his/her hotel, upon decision of the competent regional health authorities.

For more information on the health requirements for entry, stay and circulation in the Madeira archipelago, please check Visit Madeira website at: .

Important information!

  • The Visa Application Center accepts documents only by appointment;
  • In order to avoid delays in the process, it is recommended to re-fingerprint all applicants who have previously undergone a biometric procedure;
  • All fees are paid ONLY in cash in Russian rubles. We kindly ask you to prepare the necessary amount without change.

List of required documents:

We kindly ask you to prepare the documents with the same layout as it is prescribed.

Information for travel agencies:

After receiving accreditation at the Embassy of Portugal, send a request for get an access to the appointment to the following email: